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About Us

Welcome to the Eldridge Products, Inc. (EPI) blog. We are the premier thermal mass flow meter manufacturer in the world. Our company produces a wide offering of thermal mass flow meters for gas flow meter measurement and gas flow control. EPI, founded in 1988, has been an industry leader for over 25 years, specializing in manufacturing thermal mass flow meters and other flow meter related technology.

Lectrodryer Uses EPI Internationally

For over 75 years Lectrodryer has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing adsorption drying equipment for the power plants, landfill gas, compressed air, gas refining, solvent recovery, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and furnace applications. Pictured are H2 Gen Aux Skids that were built for Power Plants in South Africa. In this picture you will notice the Eldridge Flow Transmitters in the left side of the skid.

Lectrodryer's most common use for the EPI line of flowmeter products is in power plant applications to monitor the flow rates and consumption of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. To learn more about Lectrodryer, visit their website at http://www.lectrodryer.com.

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